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Order macarons


Weekly Mix (Lead time: NEXT DAY)

Craving a wonderful assortment of macaroons but short on time? Our Weekly Mix is your go-to option for a quick and delicious treat! These boxes are perfect for those who love a good surprise and are open to various flavours.


Create Your Own (5+ DAYs)

Want macaroons your way? Choose our Custom Box and get exactly what you crave.

Macaron towers

Discover and select from an array of Macarons Towers, each with detailed flavour descriptions, ingredient lists, and allergen information. Prices vary based on size, shape, and colour, with additional charges for special colours, metallic/shimmer effects, gold/silver leaf, or personalization.

Macaron cube cake

Experience the elegance and unique style of Macaron Cube Cakes, a trendy and delightful treat that promises to bring joy and surprise to your special occasions. Choose from a variety of flavours and customize your order, with pricing dependent on size, shape, colour, and any special additions like metallic effects or personalization.

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