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Want macaroons your way? Choose our Custom Box and get exactly what you crave.

How It Works:

  • Explore Flavours: Click on each flavour to read a detailed description, view the list of ingredients, and check for any allergens.

  • Choose Your Box: Select from the options available: box of 10, box of 16, box of 24, macarons cake, macarons with flowers.

  • Specify Details: Once you've chosen your box, please provide details about which flavours and quantities you'd like for that particular set. Combine any flavours in any quantity, as long as it fits within the selected option.

  • Collection: Orders will be ready in 5+ days.

Available Flavours:

New Collection copy: New Collection

Choose Your Box:

Choose Extra Inscription for Your Box (price per one macaron):

Design your perfect treat today!

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