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It's a very popular macaron serving option right now.
Unusual, unique, beautiful, stylish and delicious; of course, while this option has yet to become hyper-popular, you have time to surprise and give a lot of happy emo
tions to your loved ones.

How it works:

  • Explore Flavours: Click on each flavour to read a detailed description, view the list of ingredients, and check for any allergens.

  • Choose Your Macaron Cake: Select from the options of Macarons cakes available.

Orders include (macarons, plastic clear box, and ribbon).

Macarons cake prices are for standard sizes, shapes and colours of macarons. Special colours, including metallic/shimmer or gold/silver leaf or personalization, incur extra costs.

Available Flavours:

New Collection copy: New Collection

Choose your Cake:

Choose extras for your Cake:

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