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Craft the most BEAUTIFUL and DELICIOUS macarons with me. Learn how to make a STABLE, GLOSSY ganache that's RICH in flavour without being overly sweet. Macarons are my PASSION. After five years of dedication to perfecting this delicate dessert and experimenting with TEN different recipe variations, I've unlocked the SECRETS of this capricious confection – secrets I'm EXCITED to share with you.

Today, my macarons have CAPTURED the hearts of HUNDREDS of customers, who proudly call them the BEST in town. They RECOMMEND my creations to friends and family, order them for life's MOST SIGNIFICANT events, and even fellow confectioners CHOOSE my macarons for their own dessert offerings.

In my LESSONS, I will reveal ALL the RECIPES and the KEYS to SUCCESS that have helped me perfect the ART of macaron-making.

Yulia Cherenkova

  • expert pastry chef.

  • ​4k followers in a new country in two years @almond.sweetboutique

  • 5 years of experience in working with macarons in different countries with different ingredients, conditions and equipment

  • 10 macaron baking training from the most famous Chefs: Nina Tarasova, Anna Tomilchik, Gulnara Fedorova, Almina Nurieva, Dilyara and Renat DomMacaron, Ekaterina Leonova, Coup de Coeur school and others

  • The author of the most detailed and simple lesson about macarons on the French meringue "All the secrets of macarons" and the preparation of glossy and stable ganaches for macarons

  • Author of a recipe for baking macarons lids with reduced sugar and minimal drying




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