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💐Small box (8pcs) - £18;

💐Medium box (12pcs) - £25;

🎁Mini CUBE CAKE with flowers(8pcs) - £20

New Collection copy: New Collection


Flowers&Macarons options:

🥀 NEW❗️ F&M WREATH (8 pcs + flowers on a round base made of crispy gluten-free shortcrust pastry): £25

🥀 Medium Heart Shape F&M box (22*19 cm) - £43 (12 pcs + flowers)

New Collection copy: New Collection

All boxes include:
💞 Macarons Mother's pink/white/green colors and different flavors;
💞 Round/ Flowers/Heart-shaped Festive Macarons;
💞 Decorated macarons with chocolate hears/ chocolate flowers and other Mother's Day mood details 🥰
💞Decorated box with pink 'Happy Mothers Day' ribbon, gold flower charm, gold confetti and other details.


Be sure our Macarons are as delicious as they are beautiful! No doubt, they will be the perfect gift for anyone you love! 🥰


Collecting 7 - 8 (morning/lunchtime) - 9 March from Horne Terrace, EH11 1JL

(please mark in the special box the day and approximate time when it is convenient for you to pick up your order)

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